PARADISE DOWN is the EXCLUSIVE shonen manga about super-powered thieves by Jaime Molina!


Brash phantom thief Rivet Valor aims to go down in history as the GREATEST THIEF WHO EVER LIVED! Tall claim indeed but he just might do it with his crew: tech genius Tybalt Valentine,  seductive bounty hunter Hikaru Hanada, and the powerful luchadora Katarina Guerra. This super-powered, colorful crew travels the world with danger on their heels. Join them as they try to steal the legendary treasure known as the “Paradise Down” and deal with threats and adventure along the way!


RIVET from Paradise Down


BIO - The adventurous and reckless leader of the Rowdy Heart Guild. Armed with the ability to manipulate Shadows and a never say die attitude, Rivet is determined to be the greatest thief ever.



BIO: A thief who uses her strength and beauty to disarm her targets. She’s become infamous among the mafia families and other seedy figures. She often finds herself in conflicts with men wanting her DEAD OR ALIVE as rumors persists that there’s a bounty on her head. 

Katarina Guerra of Paradise Down


BIO: The daughter to a famous wrestling dynasty, Katarina inherited her family’s incredible speed and infamous temper. She joins Rivet's crew with the aim of retrieving the Luchadore mask of her father from the man who killed him in the ring.

TYBAULT of Paradise Down


BIO: The tech savvy vampire with a penchant for creating all sorts of crazy gadgets! He joins Rivet as the first official member of The Rowdy Hearts with the intent of finding and reuniting with his Mother.

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